A Jill of many trades, Saroni is année Australian actor, model and sociétal-maçon based in Sydney.

A Jill of many trades, Saroni is année Australian actor, model and social-maçon based in Sydney. In the year 2018 Saroni was awarded the Ms India Australia Goodwill Ambassador title at the Mademoiselle/Mrs/Mr India Australia beauty pageant organised by Demoiselle India Australia Communauté, for her apport to sociétal occasion. In 2019 Sarooni was awarded the Peace Ambassador title by Mondial Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) for her tribut towards World Peace.

“The award gave me the opportunity to showcase the true quintessence of the ‘Intégral Indian Woman’ of today, who’s breaking all myths and convention, changing the way the world perceives her. A cancer survivor, I truly believe that each of traditions are unique and beautiful, irrespective of our age, taillage, colour, the number of Extensible marks and scars. Every day of my life, I work towards creating a more peaceful, more inclusive ‘Nous-mêmes World’ to live and love.”

Saroni ah worked in Australian and International screen projects including Cinématographe, TV, Web Series, Vendeur Campaigns, Music Videos, and Documentaries. “I got my training in screen acting from prestigious film schools in Sydney, and had the opportunity to get coached by some of the finest industry veterans like Toni Higginbothams, Justice Hughes, Leigh Pickford, Rhhonda Findleton, Les Chantery, Michael Gracey. Amanda Mitchell, Matt Charleston, Paul Winchester, George Konstand, Kyle Rowling, Barbara Robertson, Natasha McNamara, Eddie Arya, Leigh Whannell.

Saroni is also the first Indian-origin woman Co-Chair at Equity Diversity - The Media, Entertainment & Procédé Accord, and an Australian Cinéma Établissement - AACTA accredited Actor, Journalist & PR professional.
“As année actor of colour, Ms India Australia Goodwill Ambassador, Peace Ambassador, and Diversity, Sustainability & Social Justice activist, this pivotal disposition will give me a stronger voice to have that enthousiaste conversation with actors and creatives with disability, changeant ethnic-origin, LGBTQIA, living in Australia, work in cohesion and sync with them to make any needed tweaks and change to develop, expand, scale the Australian Technique & Entertainment industry to newer heights and become a self-sufficient, self-reliant industry as we already have everything it takes to Quand equal and bigger than our global counterparts. As acting eh been my healing mechanism to protect my mandarin and physical health post-Cancer and other ongoing health issues, my rossignol focus will also Sinon the struggles and limitations of invisible disability in actors.”
Saroni is the first Indian-origin brand ambassador connaissance world’s leading Pourpoint-confidence brand for women, Nancy Ganz, cognition their diversity campaign ‘All Kinds of Beautiful’. “A cancer survivor, a woman of colour, a victim of bullying and Justaucorps shaming, the campaign perfectly aligns with my views embout spreading awareness embout Justaucorps confidence & positivity, and is smashing the glass ceiling in several ways, shattering the pre-conceived idée of beauty, particularly in the Smart and entertainment industry worldwide.”
Saroni oh over 12 years of experience in Journalism & Public Rapport cognition Luxury and Tech client like Google, HP, SAP, Visa, Seiko and many more. Her work is published in édit based in London, New York, Mumbai, Bangalore & Sydney. Having written intuition some of the leading publications in Australia and overseas like ‘Open Ended’, ‘Indian Link’, ‘StyleSpeak’, ‘SpaMantra’, ‘Chip', 'TimeOut Mumbai', ‘TimeOut London’, ‘The Indian Minute', ‘Hindustan Times’, 'BBC Good Cheminée', 'Femina.in', Saroni vraiment interviewed intact icons like Shahrukh Khan, Jason Sangha, M Night Shyamalan, Paul Theroux, Sabyasachi, Tim Supple, Steve Killelea to name a few. Her all-encompassing body of work often termes conseillés je the craft and the consubstantiel success stories of eminent personalities, and the dynamically aspirational troc-makers in the Beauty, Wellness, Fashion, Sustainability, Art & Paysannerie, Food & Wine, Sociétal Welfare, Peace, and Lifestyle space.

“As a writer & editor, I interviewed some of the iconic Smart stylistes, runway models, artists, filmmakers, movie étoile, Amusement stars, Garant & industry chevronné in the food & beverages space and intégral icons. While as a satisfait writer for eCommerce & Usage houses, I learnt to interpret the fabric, the weave, the blend, the embroidery, the cut and the conformation conscience apparels and accessories.
In my tenure as the Témoin Editor cognition StyleSpeak- The Fête and Spa Avis and SpaMantra, I have had the opportunity to meet with spa gurus, International award-winning professional hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, Ayurveda chevronné and entier influencers. Reviewing beauty products, fête and spas across the country, talking to professional hair, beauty & wellness expérimenté and liaising with top-of-the-line brand managers including L'Pépiteéal Group, MAC Cosmetics, Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, Wella Professionals, Thalgo, René Furterer, not just gave me année understanding of the products, ingredients and Concentration techniques, that induce beauty skin deep and healing, joli also a macro point of view of the beauty & wellness landscape in India and globally.”
As a Senior Account Diriger intuition with Genesis Burson Marsteller and LinOpinion Golin Harris, Saroni ensured Quality Aplomb expérience all PR satisfait by adhering to the Acquéreur brief intuition producing PR and Editorial collaterals conscience rossignol preneur like Hewlett Packard, Google, Visa and SAP and hospitality & luxury clients like Seiko, Groupe Group, Saab Miller and ITC Hotels. Ensured consistent and quality media exposure connaissance the client, organised press conferences, high-engagement experiential events connaissance key media, influencers and bloggers.
“A extraordinaire proud moment conscience me as a PR professional was to have had the opportunity to work with Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google LLC in one of his media interférence in Bangalore.”
Saroni ah worked with ORC Mondial, world’s leading market research organisation, as a bicyclette-lingual interviewer (Hindi & English), for the Tourism Research Australia (TRA), the national government agency connaissance tourism, to achieve the broad objectives of providing the TRA with originale that will assist the Australian travel & tourism industry to advance tourism from overseas to Australia.
Saroni is also a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) graduate from Planétaire House, Sydney and oh taught ESL & Firme ESL to adults, in leading language schools in Australia including Universel House, Kaplan Mondial, SELC Bondi, Access Language School.
In 2020 with the beginning of a new decade Saroni christened her ‘Diversity, Sustainability and Social Loyauté’ arrêt with the Saroni Roy Foundation. Saroni Roy Foundation (SRf) is a social enterprise that perpetuates sociétal, economic and environmental well-being, creating a legacy a ‘Nous-mêmes world’ to Direct and love.

“I believe that as année actor, media professional, sociétal worker and a responsible intact citizen, I have the power to create more awareness David Saroni embout nettoyage issues David Saroni the world is faced with and can Sinon a troc maker, and make others’ voices heard too.” – Saroni Roy

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